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Engaging Customers and Curation

There are a great many things that can be done with Social Media. In the context of a business, I reckon the following is a good list, in no particular order:

  1. Locate new employees
  2. Find new customers (marketing)
  3. Customer Service (twitter, etc)
  4. Product research (what customers want)
  5. Perception research (what customer think of us)
  6. Content Curation (Pintrest)
  7. Content Creation & build traffic (white papers, etc)
  8. Thought leadership (blogs, twitter)
  9. Critical Evaluation of others’ products and services (blogs)
  10. Build Company Credibility (Creation, aggregation, thought leadership and critical evaluation)

From the plethora of information on the web, marketing via social media is the major topic of discussion. There are a few ways to increase your market presense, which I will look at discussing later on (if I can add value to the great blogs out there already).

There are other topics that I suspect you already have a good handle on, like using SM for research, or posting thought leading blogs (like Forrester or Gartner). Of course, there is the all important Customer Service aspect. It is a large topic to cover, so I will leave that to another blog.

The really interesting emerging market is content curation. Pinterest is an emerging social media site that describes itself as a way to “organise and share the things you love”. Put simply, it is a way to easily share the interesting things that you come across on the web.

Tumblr (which this blog is built upon) is also a great way of sharing content IN YOUR OWN SPACE. The content is free - and sharing is a click away. You build a collection of work from other people that can showcase your identity. (incidentally, while Blogspot is a clear market leader, Tumblr has caught up to Wordpress for popularity - source CompetePulse).

Let’s apply this to a busienss context. Every good CIO, CTO, Exec Mgr and those with aspirations read blogs, articles on the market, etc. If you think some content is good - reblog it. This allows easy engagement not only with your future customers, but also your business collaborators, peers and competitors. Market-wide reach and collaboration and you make your site a great place for your customers to frequent - you are pre-assembling subject specific content for your customers.

Let’s look at it from the point of view of a customer - a CFO is looking to invest in some BPM work in your organisation. Before you engage the board or even your direct reports, you do a quick google. Among the individual articles, you come accorss a site which presents a well constructed, impartial list of articles that educate you and allow you to sound well researched and versed. Is this a site you would bookmark? Is this a company you would take note of?

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